Calculate size of remaining download

I am new to SmartFtp and it seems to be faster then other ftp clients which I have just checked out. I use it to transfer from standalone PC to Laptop.

I have one question if it is possible to display the total size of remaining files in download queue? Or alternatively remaining time - however remaining size will be sufficient? Currently I see only "Total" in status bar, but it is definitely not Total remaing size as displayed number occasionally goes up when smartftp visits successively directories. I suspect that to calculate total remaing size the program should at first recursively read all directories in queue before starting file transfer- however I don't know how to force smartftp to do it.
SmartFTP version 4.0.1207 Unlicensed (trial period). I have three panes: left: remote ftp server, right: local directory, and queue at the bottom. I use small arrow between left and right pane to add directory to queue. Then transfer starts automatically and I don't obtain information about total size of queue files remaining nor time remainig.
Help appreciated.

It is not possible to calculate the size of non-enumerated folders. Folders are not pre-enumerated for performance reasons.