Running unattended as part of VB app

I am running into a problem attempting to upload files via SSH-FTP, using the SmartFTP Library Object in an automated VB 6 app. I have installed SmartFTP client with a valid license. If I am signed on to the computer and the scheduled task runs, the files are ftp'd properly. When I am logged off the machine in question, when the scheduled task runs, the ftp upload does not work, returning an error of "Object ~ of method ~ failed." Is there a way I can run this as an automated task called from an app without having to be signed in to the machine in question?

Would you be able to say yes or no if I can do what I am trying to do? You do not need to go into the specifics until I've renewed the maintenance, however if I cannot do this then I have to look for FTP software that can, thus making renewing pointless.

Our technical support is able to look at your problem after you have renewed the maintenance.

I'm sorry but then I must ask, if I do renew my maintenance agreement, and your technical support is not able to assist me, or I am not able to do what I am intending using SamrtFTP, will I be refunded for the renewal? Forgive my bluntness, but if I am unable to do what I am trying to do using SmartFTP, then I need to find another route and will have just purchased a support agreement for something that I will not use. It does not make financial sense to purchase support for something I will not be able to use.