Can SmartFTP be used to Store and Share Word Docs for Editing


Can I use FTP Client (which, of course, I already own) to upload Word Documents and share them with my business partner for jointly editing?

I will appreciate your advice greatly.

/ Gary E.

Every person using SmartFTP requires a license. If your business partner uses SmartFTP, he needs a license for it.

smartftp transfers files around. But you need an ftp server to store the file on. Simply installing it on both you and your partner's computer is not enough. You need a server to host the file.

Also as far as I can tell, SmartFTP does not come with any versioning checks so if you are both working on the document at the same time there is no way to merge the changes, or even tell that the other person has it open for editing.

I'm not aware of any ftp program that does this.