Open a set of favourite windows at the same time?

Hi all,

I've been using Smart Ftp for many years now and love it.

I'm working mainly for one client for which I always have a set of windows open: on my local pc I have for instance one window for the actual html pages, one for the image folder and one for the pdf folder. I mirror these windows on the server and they are in sync navigation.

Is it possible to have this as a preset under favourites so I can open all three windows and their server counterparts with one click? So I can close them when I've finished and open up them all up instantly when needed. Or do I have to do this manually for each of the windows as I'm doing now?

Hope this makes sense, please let me know if it doesn't and I'll try to explain myself better



You cannot open more than 1 localbrowser with 1 favorite. But there is a workspace feature (menu: Window->Workspace) which allows you to save/restore different workspaces.