Monitoring a folder

I have a smart ftp setup to monitor a folder and queue a transfer when files are put in a folder. The Issue is when i copy paste files into the folder some of the files 1 or 2 get sent under two different jobs. Then when one of them finishes the transfer it deletes the file and the other transfer that is queued just hangs retrying every couple minutes. This does not happen every time but about half the time.

I am using the free trial of smart ftp.
I have smart ftp setup to use 5 workers.
I am transferring from a folder to the root of the ftp site.

Thanks in advance and please ask for any further information needed

The problem is that the shell may send multiple notifications for the same file. E.g. create + modify. And each time the actions are triggered. This explains why you have two items in the transfer queue. Now if you have set the transfer operation to Move, the 2nd item will no longer find the source file and will therefore fail. As you can see there is no easy solution for that.

Hi mb,

Thanks for the quick reply. I am not modifying the file in anyway after copying it into the folder. The modified time stamp on the file does not change. Is the modify that you are referring to the fact that the file is in the middle of being copied when the shell checks for created files and the file size is X. A few seconds later when the shell runs over the folder again the file has Y as a file size because it has finished copying. If this is correct is there a setting that can be changed to check if a file size is stable before sending? please tell me if there is any solution to this issue as i really like everything else the software has to offer, but this is some thing I will have to do on a daily basis and I can't justify automation that needs to be watched over like this.