Transfer problems on 'CompleteFTP Server' software


We are using the "CompleteFTP Server". On this server file downloading gets aborted after a random number of bytes are transferred. Trying to resume the transfer does not work. Just in case I wrote some incorrect code, I test the SmartFTP client - it fails to download the file from this server too. But the X client downloads files without any problem. The link for the server software is ""

The logic for resuming the download is working on a different server. So there should not be a problem with the logic of downloading.
The X client works without a problem and it does not abort the transfer. Any one have a suggestion on what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Please post the log from SmartFTP and the other client so we can compare them.

You can also send the zipped CompleteFTP log file (ServiceRecent.log) which shows the problem to support at enterprisedt dot com.