Want to Copy Files not folder in watch

I'm new to this but i've looked though help and cannot seem to find the answer. Sorry if this is a simple question. I have a folder on my FTP site that I want to monitor. When a file is dropped in there I want to copy that file, to a remote site. I don't want to copy the whole folder. I tried setting up a watch using the copy tutorial but it keeps copying the whole folder. Can someone point me in the right direction as to how I just monitor files and send them. For example I want to monitor a folder call "ftproot\outbound\" and send any B*.txt file that goes in there to another FTP site.


I have found smartftp to be very particular about the presence or absence of trailing slahses. More over, the behaviour differs between connections to and from linux servers.
Try removing the slahs if one is present, or add one if it is missing.
This goes both for the source and the target directory. If you right-click on the scheduler line, you can open up the "show log" function. This will help you in determining what is going on.


Do you have some more information about the problems you found with paths and particularly with the trailing spaces?

The first thing you need to check is whether your FTP servers allow server to server transfers (FXP). Then the monitor tool on our website shows how to monitor a local folder and not a remote folder. If you want to "monitor" a remote folder one would typically setup a recurring task (5min for example) that copies a folder from the server to the destination. To filter only B*.txt files you need to setup a Transfer->Filter in the Favorite Properties.