ip issues

Hi all.

This looks good, but it is truncating ip's. If I enter 94.76.XX.YY it tries to contact 4.76.XX.YY, similarly if I enter 192.168.AA.BB it tries to contact 2.168.AA.BB the correct ip's show in the tabs but the connection dialogs fail due to responce errors at the truncated IP. Any ideas, to be honest I can't even work out how to delete connections.

Any help appreciated, I'm not going to pay for this if it does this all the time.

Win 7 Ultimate 32bit


I'm unable to reproduce what you are seeing? What are you doing exactly? Where do you enter the IP address? I tried it in the address bar and in the menu: File->New Remote Browser dialog.

You can remove the existing history entries in the menu: Tools->Settings. Then go to the History dialog. To remove the Favorite, go to the menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites.