Remote to remote data copy

Hello all,
I'm trying to copy a directory containing various sub-directories and files from one remote server (Server A) to another (Server B ) using FTP. I've connected to both servers, but cannot find a way to copy data between the two servers. Is it possible to use SmartFTP to perform this task? I would prefer to avoid the obvious solution of copying the data on server A to my local machine and subsequently transfer it to server B if possible.

Alternatively, can anyone explain how I can recursively transfer a set of directories and files from one server to another using ftp at the command line? I've tried to use MPUT, but it only works for a set of files in a directory. There are third party FTP commands that provide recursive support, but I don't have permissions on the Unix box to install them.

SmartFTP supports server to server transfers if your FTP servers allow this. Unless you control the FTP servers this feature is by most likely disabled for security reasons by default.

Thanks for the quick response MB.