Can't download from shared folders on server

This is a problem with v3.0.1022.27 which I believe is the last build of v3. I am a licensed user but made a mistake when registering so I am posting here. (I can't figure out how to change my profile to add my license code).

Situation is a server with direct folders (folders on the server computer) and network share folders on another computer on the server LAN. Folders have identical permissions. Files in the direct folders download fine with SFTP. Files with the same permissions in the shared folders don't download and go directly into the transfer queue with the "Zzz's" plus the status is "pre-transfer".

I know this is not a server issue since handles both types of folders on the server just fine.

Is this some setting I have wrong or a bug in SFTP. If a bug has it been corrected in v4?

Log looks like this (and I know the file does exist and it can be downloaded with ):

[18:48:28] SYST
[18:48:28] 215 UNIX Type: L8
[18:48:28] Detected Server Type: UNIX
[18:48:28] FEAT
[18:48:28] 211-Extensions supported:
[18:48:28] CLNT
[18:48:28] MDTM
[18:48:28] PASV
[18:48:28] REST STREAM
[18:48:28] SIZE
[18:48:28] 211 End.
[18:48:28] CLNT SmartFTP 3.0.1022.27
[18:48:28] 200 "SmartFTP 3.0.1022.27" noted.
[18:48:28] PWD
[18:48:28] 257 "/" is current directory.
[18:48:28] CWD /Pacer Misc Files
[18:48:28] 250 CWD command successful. "/Pacer Misc Files" is current directory.
[18:48:28] PWD
[18:48:28] 257 "/Pacer Misc Files" is current directory.
[18:48:28] TYPE I
[18:48:28] 200 Type set to I.
[18:48:28] SIZE IS-1 Plug Dimensions.pdf
[18:48:28] 213 58087
[18:48:28] MDTM IS-1 Plug Dimensions.pdf
[18:48:28] 550 'IS-1 Plug Dimensions.pdf' : no such file or directory.
[18:48:28] STAT IS-1 Plug Dimensions.pdf
[18:48:28] 211- Server Status for User:jeff_testani on almain :
[18:48:28] 211- ( <->
[18:48:28] 211-
[18:48:28] 211- Uploaded : 0 Kbytes
[18:48:28] 211- Downloaded : 0 Kbytes
[18:48:28] 211-
[18:48:28] 211- End of STAT
[18:49:28] Timeout (60s).
[18:49:28] Active Help:
[18:49:28] Client closed the connection.
[18:49:28] Transfer failed.

It's a server bug. Try it with the newest version of SmartFTP:

It may have a workaround for this buggy server.

It's a server bug. Try it with the newest version of SmartFTP:

It may have a workaround for this buggy server.

OK I will follow up on that with the server maker.

Are you also saying that FileZilla has the workaround already built in? As I said everything works as expected with that client.

Filezilla does not use STAT and therefore is not affected by the bug.

The guys at BPFTP makers of BulletProof FTP server are trying to reach you to understand the usage of STAT/MDTM so as to correct the bug you are referring to.

Since my original post, I have determined that SmartFTP v3.0.1037.0 and v4 are still problematic but now with these versions the file will download even though a "no such filer or folder" error occurs but during the directory listing every file gives the error.

The "no such file" message you are seeing is normal and you can ignore it.

Please explain.

How can error messages that slow down response time be "normal"? If the directory had 1000 files it would take forever to list all the errors. Also, this error shows up on every file downloaded. Is this "normal" for SmartFTP or other FTP clients as well? Filezilla, for example, works perfectly fine. I have been a licensed user of SmartFTP for several years and do not wish to switch. Can this "normal" behavior be fixed?!

Your support contract has expired a while ago. Please renew the maintenance of your license key. Thank you.

Since this "normal" behavior exists in v4, why would I do that? Are you planning to fix it in the latest version?