Allow access to uploaded folder


Is there any way to give someone a direct link to a file I uploaded to the FTP site?

If not, is there anyway to allow them into my FTP site so they can only access what I want them to download?

Thank for you for any help you can give me.

I'm using +- SmartFTP ---------------------------
Version : 3.0.1023.4[/size][/size][/size]

Please add your license key id to your profile in the forum. Or you can post the id here.

Figured it out. Right click on the folder in the ftp site box and choose how you want to copy and supply the URL.

Next question. Is there a way for me to delete my question?

Unfortunately no. Your question might be useful for another user.

I am a first time FTP user and have just uploaded a jpg file to test my free online storage space at (host = If I right click on the file located on the server and select "Copy URL/URL" and paste it into my browser address bar the URL is prefixed with ftp://username:password@host/ (i.e it includes my username and password for the server) and the file opens in the browser OK. However, if I right click the file and select "Copy URL/URL (without login)" and paste that it into my browser address bar, the URL is just prefixed with ftp://host/ and then an Authentication dialogue box opens prompting for my username and password.

Either way the file is not accessible without my username and password.

How do I make the file publicly accessible?

You need to use the Copy URL->HTTP function and you will get a HTTP link.

In order to use the "Copy URL->HTTP" function (in SmartFTP 4.0.1169.0) I have to "... configure the URL mapping in Favorite's settings". The URL Mapping dialogue box asks for the "HTTP URL", e.g., and the "Web Root Path", "i.e. the remote path where the start page (e.g. index.html,... etc.) is located, e.g /home/user/htdocs".

However I don't have a web site URL (e.g. or an index.html file in a Web Root Path, I only have an FTP URL on the server (

What am I missing?


Sign up for at a web hosting plan that offers HTTP access.

Thanks mb,

I thought that might be the solution, and I think that means the Online Storage offered by is only accessible by myself, or 'anonymous' FTP users?

I also have a domain name ( registered with Melbourne IT but have not paid them to host anything on it yet. I'll ask them what I can upload via FTP.


I cannot comment about what your web hosting provider offers. But there is most likely a restriction/catch with "free" hosting plans.