FTP Causes Connection problem between PC and server

I have used SmartFTP and Filezilla with other servers with absolutely no issues. However, I've recently taken over management of a site hosted by EPB of Chattanooga (our local FO provider). Most of the time the service is fine but occasionally when up/downloading or remotely editing a file I will loose the connection. Additionally if I try to access the site (via browser) I receive the error - The connection has timed out. The server at www.chattanoogacares.org is taking too long to respond.- this loss of connection will last up to an hour.

I thought I was taking down the entire server but when I contacted support they indicated they could access the site . . . they also didn't know of any ftp issues!?!?

Any thoughts?


I think you should try to contact your web hosting provider about such issues.

I did . . . they claim it's on my side not theirs???

The page loads fine here as well.