Variables not working

I am using the 64-bit version of SmartFTP downloaded from the site (newest version). I found the tutorial for adding a timestamp but can't get it to work. For example, I have my folder going to C:\Backups\myfolder\*d-*m-*Y but instead of the date the folder shows up as C:\Backups\myfolder\d-m-Y. Can someone help me?

I'm looking to purchase this system but cannot until I know for sure that it will do what I want. Thanks!

PS. Basically I want the scheduler and the backups have to have a timestamp automatically on them.

The time variables have been superseded by a new method:

Please download the SDK from here:

Then use this script (add it to the transfer queue item script page) to set the destination file time/date:
Dynamic Transfer Queue Item Destination Path
Location: Samples\TransferQueueItem\JScript\DynamicDestination.js
Location: Samples\TransferQueueItem\VBScript\DynamicDestination.js

Please let me know if you need any assistance with that.