Smart FTP with Rotating Server Password


I'm having a hard time getting SmartFTP v4+ to work like v2.5 does at my work.

My company uses SecurID tokens along with a PIN number to access our servers. This means every time I open a connection from my favorites, I enter a PIN followed by the current SecurID token numbers. The token numbers rotate every 30 seconds. In SmartFTP v2.5, I only have to enter the password once per server. I can then copy files throughout the day as long as I don't close the window.

In SmartFTP v4+ or even 3+, I enter my PIN/Token info to connect to the server but when I go to transfer files, the Transfer Queue attempts to connect and fails. I'm assuming it's failing because it is trying to use the PIN/Token I'd entered when initially connecting to the server. The problem is, the token has changed so the old PIN/Token no longer works and the connection fails.

I'm hoping there's a way to use SmartFTP v4+ without having to re-enter my PIN/Token info every time I want to copy some files. SmartFTP v2.5 allows just one login no matter when or how many files I'm copying.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking to upgrade to version 4.0 but the connection issues are a real barrier.


SmartFTP 4 uses multiple connections to transfer the files. The connection is shared in the transfer queue but not between the Remote Browser and the Transfer Queue. So unfortunately what was working in version 2.5 no longer does in version 4. A newer authentication method using a certificate, SmartCard would solve the problem.