Transfer Queue Question

I have put up an private FTP server for some of my friends and one friend is having an issue. I set up two accounts for him. One for downloading from the server and one for uploading to the server. We had figured he could put downloads in one queue and upload in a separate queue, since his upstream is faster than my upstream.

SmartFTP seems to put everything in a single Queue, regardless of it being different login accounts. Is there a way to separate them out so that there is a separate queue for him in each account? I couldn't seem to find a way in the knowledge base.

Thanks for your help!

Yes. Go to the Favorite Properties. Then go to the Transfer - Queue dialog and set the number of workers to 1. Then set the number of total workers in the transfer queue window (at the bottom of SmartFTP) to 2. I hope this helps.

Thanks. I figured there was a way, just not an obvious one. I will direct him to view this thread and follow those directions.

Thanks again!