Web pages not showing or previewing

I have dragged the file that is my home web page over from the right to the box which has my server/webhsite name on the tab. Firstly i don't see anything come up in the mini preview box and when i put the web pages URL in my browser the page is not shownig up on the net. I must be missing something out??

Hello Elaine ..

What is your license key id?



Licence Key ID??? Where would i find that?

I am currently using a trial version of SmartFTP Client 4.0.1124.0 (32-bit. I don't thinki have a Licence ket as of yet because i am using a trail at the moment. I really can't work out why my site hasn't been uploaded to the net. I have checked with Dreamhost and there are no problems at their end.

Please purchase a license for technical support. Thank you.

my licence key id is 400128254

Thank you.

What do you see in the transfer queue window at the bottom? If the file has been removed from the transfer queue it has been successfully transferred.

Do not use the Preview in SmartFTP to check whether your website is online.