"502 Command REST not allowed by policy"

Hoping someone can help, partway through a download the transfer disconnects, when i attempt to resume the transfer this message appears "502 Command REST not allowed by policy".

The log looks like this:

[17:50:25] SIZE 2009B_001_32.DNG
[17:50:26] 213 13438786
[17:50:26] MDTM 2009B_001_32.DNG
[17:50:26] 213 20090909034337
[17:50:26] No rule matched. Default Action="Ask".
[17:50:32] PASV
[17:50:32] 227 Entering Passive Mode (167,64,61,50,14,75).
[17:50:32] Proxy: Resolving host name
[17:50:32] Opening data connection to Port: 3659
[17:50:32] Proxy: Connecting to HTTP proxy server Port: 8080
[17:50:32] REST 8429872
[17:50:32] Proxy: Connected to proxy server. Sending connection request.
[17:50:32] 502 Command REST not allowed by policy.
[17:50:32] MDTM 2009B_001_32.DNG
[17:50:32] 213 20090909034337
[17:50:32] Transfer failed. Use the Transfer Queue for automatic retries.

There is nothing wrong with the connection.


Your server/proxy does not support resume.

Thanks for that, is it possible to tell if my server/proxy is the cause of the initial disconnection also?