Remote Host not showing files or Log

First I have a valid license but I am trying to find it to upgrade my level of support. 2nd I have had such little problem with this program I have not realy felt it necessary to worry - my bad. Great program!

I'm not sure if this is a problem with your program or my host that i'm getting web service from (M&A).

I run a website from there server but I don't need to update it all that often so I'm not sure what changed.

My issue at the present time is that when I connect I am current getting no error messages and I think I am connecting but I do not see anything in the remote browser.

I know my file are there because I can go to my website.

What information can I give you to help me with this problem.

Thanks again Love the program.


That was it - Thanks.

Is there a simple explanation as to what changed that would cause a working program to stop? Is it some kind of date triggered event?

Maybe it was caused by a corrupt/missing registry entry.