Only VM/CMS Filename shown

When I connect to a VM/CMS system, SmartFTP v3.0.1037 only shows the files' filenames. It does not show the filetypes or filemodes.

Is there a way to configure SmartFTP to should VM/CMS file's filenames, types, and modes? If so, how?

Thank you.

David Liebtag

I renewed my license, downloaded the new version, interrupted my work to reboot, and it still does not show the VM/CMS filetypes and modes. Any other ideas?

David Liebtag

Hello David. Please send us the raw directory listing of the directory. To get it, right-click on the directory and select "Show Raw Listing" from the context menu. Please email the .txt file (as an attachment) to support at
If possible please also include the log from the remote browser.

Thank you



Here's the trick:

Open favorite's properties window.
Select FTP in the left pane.
In the Commands after login field, type SITE LISTF UNIX

Thanks a lot.

David Liebtag

Hello David ..

If you are interested we have a new beta version which can display the VM format and VM file type in the view:

Then you have to add the columns manually. Right-click on the column header in the shellview and select the 2 columns.

You have to be in the VM/CMS mode on the server.