Windows 7, Windows Home Server and remote server

I have a desktop computer running Windows 7 64bit with 12gbs of RAM and an Intel i7 processor on which SmartFTP is installed. My files reside on my home server which is running Windows Home Server with a quad-core processor and 8gbs of RAM, and I'm needing to upload files to my printer's server. Before moving all of my files to a home server, SmartFTP was very fast when uploading. I typically run 6 workers at a time with no problems. I have high-speed internet with 17mbps download and 4mbps up. Previously when I had all the files on my desktop, I was able to drag a file and drop it then grab another and drag/drop and the program was very responsive. If I selected five files and drag/dropped, I was able to quickly select more files and drag/drop. After moving my files to the home server, when I drag a file and drop it, the program becomes unresponsive for a short period of time, probably 5-8 seconds, then I try to drag another file and I have to click/drag, click/drag, click/drag and it finally initiates the transfer of the second file, then becomes unresponsive again. I have even tried selecting the file and clicking the upload button rather than drag/drop, but the result is the same. It won't even let me select a file at first then I have to click the button repeatedly until it finally initiates the transfer. As you can tell, this whole process has become extremely slow and frustrating. My question is this: can I install SmartFTP on the server running Windows Home Server, and will this speed the process back up since it's uploading files from the same "computer" rather than me accessing those files through SmartFTP on my computer and having SmartFTP access the server and upload the file from there to the remote server. And if I can install SmartFTP on the server, is there a different version that is required other than the one I have which is the Home Edition, v3.0.1027.7? Adding the server has created two more hops for the file and two more for the updated server view or remote view refresh, but I wouldn't think it should slow the program’s responsiveness down that much. The other question is will upgrading my server to Windows Server 2008 be a better option in this case and if so do I install SmartFTP on that server or leave it on my desktop and do I need a different version? (this all sounds so confusing… sorry!)

If I can't get this issue resolved, I'm going to eliminate the server altogether. I like having the server because I work from my desktop or my laptop and accessing the files is much easier this way rather than logging into my desktop remotely and working on the files that way which is very awkward when dealing with huge graphic files.

TIA for any help on this frustrating problem.

Would you mind to summarize your question? Thank you.

Would you mind to summarize your question? Thank you.

Using SmartFTP on a desktop, accessing files on a Windows Home Server and uploading those files to a remote server... SmartFTP lags horribly. The program becomes unresponsive and takes an exceptionally long time to refresh.

Try the new beta version from here:

Do you see a high CPU usage in the task manager for the SmartFTP.exe process? How about the memory usage?