Multiple logs (849 - so far) from FTP Upload

I am a primary school teacher in Western Australia. I create web pages. For the first time, i have moved to a school who keeps their website offsite. They use Moodle and it is hosted in the UK.

I have appro 5GB's of websites to upload to moodle.

I am using the trial version of SmartFTP (Ver 4.0.10970.0) to test the software. I am trying to upload a website created in Frontpage (60MB with 3950 files).

I started the upload at 20.00 last night. It is now 8.00am and the stuff is still going.

I am on ADSL 2 (10.5MB Download and 1.5MB Upload) This was measured within the Linksys Modem and confirmed with my internet host.

I have Windows XP Pro SP3 - No firewall on system as i disabled many years ago.

So far it has created 849 logs and the upload is painfully slow.

I have left all the buttons and ticks in the software as default in regards to speed - "0=unlimited"

Why so many logs?

Why so slow?

Is it disconnecting then reconnecting every time a file is uploaded?

Hello ..

What log are you referring to?


The upload log that is generated.


On some of the posts on this site, i have read that people should send in their logs if they have problems with uploading etc.

So, i ticked the option for future problems.

They save as a text file.

I recommend to disable the transfer logs there.
You can access the log directly by double clicking the failed item/file in the transfer queue.

OK Thx

So why is the transfer so slow?

I would assume it is due to your internet connection. 5 GB with 1.5 mbit/s will take some time.