Auto updater running after software is uninstalled


I recently ran the trial version of 'SmartFTP pro' on the Windows Vista 32 machine at work (I think it was a trial, if that facility isn't available then it possibly was installed and then un-installed.

However, since removing the software from the PC, I'm still seeing the 'SmartFTP pro' updater popping up and trying to run.

I've removed all trace of SmartFTP that I can find on the PC, including the folder in 'programme files' and a registry entry, however this updater is still appearing.

I can't find any reference to this problem on the forum and I'm hoping some kind soul will be able to provide me with an answer?

I'm actually a license holder of the software on my home machine, but on the work PC I've found 'SmartFTP' to be better suited for my colleagues needs.

Many thanks in advance,


Please add your license key id to your profile.

I can't do that until I return home from work, which of course I'm more than happy to add and will. However the problem is not with my licensed installation of SmartFTP pro at home, but the demo installation I had on the work PC which was then removed and which has left the issue with the auto-updater.

The update check is inside of the application. If the application does not run or has been uninstalled, the update checker does not run.

Back at work again and I've just booted up the PC with the issue. Here is a screenshot of the update manager:


Again I'd like to stress that SmartFTP Pro is not installed, but this is your logo isn't it?

No this has nothing to do with SmartFTP.

Mike I'm terribly sorry. I've just realised that this is Lavasoft's ad-aware software updater that's 'hanging'! Your logo's are very similar and I'd forgotten that ad-aware is installed on this machine.

My Apologies for any inconvenience, I'll wander off with my tail firmly between my legs.

No problem