any way to prevent SmartFTP from saving passwords?

I'm using a client's copy of SmartFTP at his office and I was wondering if there was a way to prevent it from saving the passwords? I want it to save the username, but not the password. I've had personal experiences with the Gumblar virus and stored FTP passwords is how they got in.

Do not enter the password, then SmartFTP will prompt you the first time you open the connection.

Ah, I see. You also have to select 'Session' under Update when it prompts you for the password to prevent it from saving.

One more thing, I have set /public_html as the Web Root Path under URL but it still takes me outside of that folder when I connect. I set the HTTP URL as well.

The Web Root Path value is for the Copy URL feature. If you want to set the initial path set it in the General dialog.

Itryed to creat a connection with no password in the field - but SmartFTP never asks me for the password. Just tries endlessly to connect with no result. So I don't know which window or form you are talking about with drop down menu of sessions, favourites and so on. Did you remove the feature completely from the latest vertion? Client looks cool, but if I can't opt out of saving password will have to switch to another software.

File->New Connection
Leave the password empty. Now you are prompted for the password as soon as you connect