Scheduling transfer - need to disconnect in between

I am currently evaluating the SmartFTP to see if this application can be used in the future. I scheduled a remote FTP transfer of data files to a local computer. I scheduled the download and everything worked perfectly. This action will repeat one time every day. The issue I am encountering is that the connection is staying open with the "200 NOOP command" with the remote FTP site. Approximately every 10 minutes it appears that the server closes the connection with a "No transfer timeout" message. Then the SmartFTP software reconnects and keeps it open for 10 minutes before the remote server again closes the connection.

My question is, how do I set up SmartFTP with the scheduler to do the following one time everyday, Open the connection with the Remote FTP site, download the data files, Close the connection" then the following day have it take the same action.


Hello ..

What you want to do is closing SmartFTP after the transfers have been completed.

1. Go to the menu: Tools->Settings. Then go to the Queue dialog. Set the On Transfer Complete action to "Close Application"
2. If you want to run it as a service, take a look at this article: ... f2624.html

Or you can close the Remote Browser window (or disable the keep alive) and SmartFTP will not automatically reconnect in the browser window.

Thanks so much! I will work perfectly...with the exception of the "trial software" window that pops up and requires a mouse click. Once it's purchased, that window should not be there anymore and it should work like a charm! Thanks again!

You are welcome :-)