SmartFTP wont connect, other FTP clients can

All i get is an error message which reads "Connect Failed" then it retries in 30 seconds. I also tried using xyz with the exact same login info and i was able to login successfully. A friend recommended SmartFTP and i would like to try it out successfully.

If there is a more detail log of connection fails i cant find it, or else i would be happy to post it. I have had two tech-savy friends help me trouble shoot but we aren't sure why its having the issue.

I appreciate your assistance.

Please post the log here. In all cases it was a software firewall or antivirus product blocking SmartFTP. Add SmartFTP to the exceptions in your software firewall and antivirus product. Also make sure that you do not run multiple firewalls at the same time (e.g. Windows Firewall + 3rd party firewall).

again, i cant find a more detail log then what i already posted. its been added to the firewall exception list.

As long as you cannot connet with SmartFTP it means that another product installed on your computer is blocking SmartFTP. Try to uninstall your software firewall and antivirus product.

well i uninstalled AVG and turned off my firewall. i have no other internet filtering programs. I tested xyz which both work fine. Its somewhat beyond me why your company would want us to pay for a product that doesn't work as well as comparable free products.


I'll check in with ya'll in a year or so and test it then. Thank you for your assistance.

Our product works as expected. It's a software installed on your computer which is the cause of the problem.
I also recommend to post the complete log which I have asked for in the first reply.