V4 trial not allowing uploads

I've used v3 for a couple of years, but my pc crashed, and the new pc has Windows7, and of course I downloaded Smartftp, but couldn't get v3, only v4 which I have to pay for, and I haven't yet done so.

I need to upload a couple of files to our server, and Smartftp simply will not upload the file. It puts a zero length file on the server, but not the file. Log gives no errors:
[12:27:38] Operation Begin
[12:27:38] Remote file exist check: "comparison.csv".
[12:27:38] SIZE comparison.csv
[12:27:38] 550 comparison.csv: No such file or directory
[12:27:38] File exist check failed. File not found or permission denied.
[12:27:38] PASV
[12:27:38] 227 Entering Passive Mode (77,240,1,177,234,140).
[12:27:38] Opening data connection to xxx (removed for security) Port: 60044
[12:27:38] STOR comparison.csv

The file sits in the queue, but not being uploaded.

Is this a 'feature' of the trial version???

nb, I can download from the server, and chmod is 775 on the folder.

The trial version is fully functional. Please post the complete log from the transfer. Wait a couple of minutes until SmartFTP retries the transfer. Then post the log here.