Can I preview which files will be deleted with a sync?

Watched the training videos and poked around the FAQ a bit but I don't see this unless there's another way of describing it I'm not thinking of.

I have a very large web site (couple thousand files all told over many folders) and I'd love to be able to get a preview or run a report or something of that nature that would show me which files are missing (or changed) without actually sending the files or deleting them (using the sync option with copy/delete mode).

I'd like to be able to review what's going to happen to make sure I didn't hork something up on my local install before waxing some page accidentally on my site - is ther a way to go about this short of navigating around each folder with the option to show differences? With this many folders that's just not very practical.




There is no preview. But if your server is not broken (what I assume) SmartFTP can make safe decisions whether to skip/resume/transfer the files. You may want to test it first with a smaller set of files.