Pre-Sales Question

OK, so I'd like to be able to change the program store folder, or "application data folder" to my E Drive which is where I store all our data (My Documents on our C Drive is empty since I save all documents in My Documents on E Drive)

The reason I do this is because I use xzy to capture the state of my system for restoration purposes (been using this for 4 to 5 years now and it restores your C Drive to an earlier time with perfection each time, without fail)

I also use xyz to automatically back up my data to my F Drive, and my G Drive (I also have two additional external drives outside box that I manually backup to about once a week, and I keep a drive in my local bank branch Safety Deposit Box...I enjoy backing up my data)

The idea here is to keep my system as a stand alone on my C Drive so I can use the Acronis product to restore my system at any time it may be needed and it only takes about 8 minutes (even if there is hard drive failure as I keep formatted drives on hand and ready)

Anyway, I email your sales department and asked them about changing where the "application data folder" resides for backup and restoration purposes (the idea is kinda like what I do with Outlook Express to save where my emails are store from default location in program files on my C Drive over to E Drive so I know that data is backed up), and they said it was a very bad idea to do this...

My question is, why is this a bad idea???

Is there any specific harm that would come to the program, or adverse effect on it's performance for us changing the application data folder over to
E Drive versus leaving it on C Drive (default)?

It's not recommended to do it on a per application basis (you don't want to change the settings for all applications and most do not let you change the folder) but you can do it on a system wide basis of course.

So, why is it not recommended?

I've been doing this on other progs for years (like Outlook Express, and I'll be doing it on Thunder Bird when I switch to Windows 7 later this year) and I've never had any problems at all.

Is this just the standard response because most users aren't setting their system up for backup like I am?

I'm doing what we're doing in anticipation of problems with Windows, hard drive failures, viruses, etc, all of which can happen regardless of protection that may be in place. What we are doing greatly minimizes getting our system back up in case problems arise.

You know what they say about computers and's not a matter of IF you're going to have problems, it's a matter of WHEN.
This is why I want things in place for us to be prepared for issues when they arise so I can protect our data and get our system back up within minutes

Beats spending hours reloading Windows, programs, or losing data

To answer your question again: You don't want to change the settings for all applications and most do not let you change the application data folder location.

To change the default location try this: ... der/10471/

OK, I'm talking about changing the storage folder for Smart FTP, not for Windows.

The example I gave was Outlook Express. It has a specific feature for changing
where the data folder is for Outlook Express itself, not for Windows, or any
other program on the computer...just for Outlook Express only.

I simply want the data I enter into the Smart FTP program (web URLs,
usernames, and passwords) to be saved in My Documents for backup
purposes. The reason I want to do this is so when I restore my system
to an earlier time, I won't lose any new websites that I've set up.

Does your program have this feature, or not???
If not, why not? It's a very convenient feature
that would be a great selling point of your program

I would want to change the storage folder for Smart FTP only,
and not change the storage folder for any other application

Yes you can do that. Go to the menu: Tools->Settings. Then go to the General dialog. Change the Application Data Folder.

OK, I still don't understand...

First I'm told it's a very bad idea
Then, a link was posted on how to do this for all applications on my machine (is this right?)
Then you said just now that I can change the store folder for Smart FTP

Are you talking about the store folder for the Smart FTP itself?

Would this allow me to do what I did in Outlook Express?

I'm just trying to make sure you understand what I'm trying
to do, and also make sure I understand what you are telling me.


Yes you can do it the same way as in Outlook Express.

Just because you can do it, doesn't imply that it is actually a good idea. But customers have requested that feature so we have added it.

OK, I'll try it... Thanks for the replies.

I honestly don't understand why this is a bad idea since no good reasons have been given for not doing this.

I'm only talking about changing the store folder for this application only, not for all applications on my computer since most programs allow me to save the documents they produce anywhere I want.

I've never had any issues at all doing this with Outlook Express, so I don't see where this would be any different.

Unless, somebody has some valid reasons why this would be a bad idea...