Modified pages

Hi, i have had a website built for me and have got all the files showing in smartftp and have modified all my pages in frontpage. Im now trying to figure out how i upload all my modified pages through smartftp? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, ive just taken a look. Im now at the stage where you click tools, settings and remote edit. For the editor, do i need to click on notepad too or frontpage? The extension is .htm on the page im modifying.

Use the editor you are familiar with.

Wont let me click on frontpage as the editor arghh lol

Hey im thinking couldnt i just rightclick the file down the bottom that ive modified and click on destination, remote, quick connect and click on my website? Would that update it?

Don't know what you mean. I cannot really explain it better than in the both tutorials I have referred you to. There are basically two ways:
1. Use the Remote Edit function. In this case SmartFTP downloads the file, opens it in an editor and when you save the file in the editor it automatically uploads the file
2. Manual method (Upload tutorial). Manually download a the file to a local folder. Then open the file on your local computer. Edit the file. Save the file. Upload the file back to the server.

I figured it out!!! I wasnt uploading the pictures, i was uploading the page LOL so it wasnt replacing my old pictures...going to buy the smartftp software this week now i know how it works