Updating SmartFTP and small issue


I'm a new registered user, having used SmartFTP in a small way before and now I have purchased the programme.

Since I have recently made the purchase for the programme, a new "build" has been released so can someone please just advise me whether I need to un-install the original programme and install this new build - or can I install the updated version "over the top" of the existing one?

Secondly, if I may, I use WebStudio 4.0 by Back To the Beach softare to create and manage my website. I have uploaded two zipfiles of around 4MB each for visitors to download. Here are the paths to the files:-

http://www.leejames.f2s.com/My_Website/ ... X_FULL.zip - file is called VHHX_FULL.zip
http://www.leejames.f2s.com/My_Website/ ... H_FULL.zip - file is called VHHH_FULL.zip

I have used SmartFTP to upload the files into the correct location on my host (public_html) and the first link (to the VHHX file) works fine, the file can be downloaded. However, the link to the second file (VHHH_FULL.zip) produces an HTTP 404 error - Web Page Cannot Be Found.

I used SmartFTP to place the files on the host (total is just under 10MB) because it is faster and easier than using WebStudio to upload them. Any idea why I get the Webpage not found error on the second link?

Thank you for any answers you can give - and for a nice piece of software!

Kind regards,

Lee James
Training Captain
747 Fleet
British Airways Virtual


>Install, Upgrade
You don't need to uninstall the old version first. You can just install the latest version from here: https://www.smartftp.com/download
The setup will take care of everything else.

Are you sure the file is on the server? Maybe you can send a screenshot showing the view of the remote browser window with the file.