Comparison with FileZilla


I am currently running a trial version of SmartFTP, and I think it looks quite impressive. But I miss a comparison table with other similar products, especially the free ones such a FileZilla. So I can get an overview of the advantages of purchasing a commercial product as SmartFTP, instead of using a free ftp client such as FileZilla (or WinSCP).


Thanks for the fast reply.

I have seen those two pages. But they do not compare SmartFTP with other clients. Could you perhaps list a couple of features in the SmartFTP, that do not exist in e.g. FileZilla?

Hello ...

There is no such page but most free ftp clients tend to offer the basic features only. Most advanced features are missing: scheduling, transfer integrity checks, technical support, server to server transfers, thumbnails view/preview, visual compare, modern user interface, synchronization, scripting, file encryption, email notification, FIPS certification, Windows Vista/Windows 7 certification, etc. And the old saying usually applies: you get what you pay for.

Thanks, you have convinced me :-) I noticed another nice feature, which I do not think I have seen before, which is cut&paste of files between remote folders.

Personally I am on strict budget, so I always make sure, that I only purchase products, that do make me more productive. I guess other are in the same situation as me, so perhaps you should consider creating a page where you list advantages of your commercial product vs. a free product.