File Exists and File Date/Time Rules

Ok, I've tried SmartFTP several times over the last couple of years. I really like using and it seems to be the most reliable FTP software that I can find. I've tried other ones, both trials and free software, but they all seem to have serious issues.

However, the major reason I haven't purchased SmartFTP is because of the nightmare of configuring it's settings.

Where are the GLOBAL settings for File Exists Rules?
Where are the GLOBAL settings for keeping the server time on all files that I download?
This used to be much easier, and much more logical, to configure.

I've read through documentation and have went through all of the settings many, many times. The only place I can see to change these is for each Favorite FTP site, separately. Why can't I just set these up ONE TIME for all sites? I don't want or need different settings for each FTP server I use.

And even in each Favorite's settings, I see "Use Default Settings" or "Use Automatic Settings". For many parameters, there is no place to edit these, or even to view them just to see what these settings are by default.

For configuration, this is the most non-user friendly piece of software that I have ever used.

Thanks for any help that you can provide.

Go to the favorite properties of any favorite. Then click on the "Edit Default Favorite" link at the bottom left of the properties dialog.
Or you can go to the menu: Tools->Settings. Then go to the Favorites dialog and click on the Edit Default Favorite button.