Swap position of frames ?

Hi all
I just spent some time helping a friend at his house, uploading some files to his server. He uses Smart FTP. I usually use WS FTP Pro.
What really annoyed me was that the panel with the remote directory was on the left of the screen and his local (PC) directory on the right.
This seems very illogical to me, being used to FTP Pro,
Is there a way to swap the positions of the panels over so that the local directory is on the left and the remote on the right ?

Take a look at Window -> Auto Layout.

Thankyou !! I looked online in the "How To" section and couldn't find it. I didn't realise that "auto layout" would be under "Window" (in my ftp pro that shows other stuff).
I will do that when I go back to his place again tomorrow and do some more uploads for him.
Thankyou again.