Can I ftp within the same directory


I'm writing a script that will ftp a file from one server to another.
At the moment I only have access to one ftp server to test out the script so I'm trying to ftp a file from one folder to another folder in the same directory.

I have the following:

ftp -vin $LOGFILE
open $ftp_SERVER
user $ftp_USER $ftp_PASS
cd $ftp_EFTFROM
lcd $ftp_EFTTO
mput *

I get the following error:
mput *? Illegal operation. Use the COPY command

Is it not possible to do this??

You cannot do this with the command line FTP client. However you can use the FTP Library:

Look at the FXP sample.

you give full 777 permission to the folder which you want to acess in the place of the host name user the host address as IP it may work...