Move source files after FTP upload

Hi there, I'm in the process of evaluating SmartFTP software. There is a requirement to move the local source files (c:\ftp\*.*) to a different directory (c:\archive) after a successful scheduled FTP upload.

I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Does anyone know whether this can be done?


Hello Rich ..

It can be done with a script (VBScript or JScript). Would you mind to writing/using a script for it?


I just wrote the script. I will post instructions on how to use it tomorrow.

Please install the latest version of SmartFTP:

Download and install the SDK:

Then setup a recurring upload of a folder. Go to the transfer queue item properties. Go to the Script tab.
Select the following script that you can find in the SDK installation directory:

Edit the .js script and change the folder where you want to move the items to:
// const
var DestinationFolder = "c:\\temp";

Click OK to save the changes to the transfer queue item.


Hi Mat, the script works like a charm. One thing I noticed I had to delete my existing transfer queue item and recreate it before the script will work.

Thank you very much for your help. You have a new paying customer now.

Ah thank you for your feedback. I will add an additional arguments input box into the script dialog. This way you can use the same script for multiple items without changing the destination folder manually in the script.


You are the best. This is great support. I never expected such a quick enhancement. The argument input box works great. Now, I don't have modify the script directly.

Thanks again for such a great help.