Configuring prompt on login

We have a large number of users that are experiencing a SmartFTP configuration progress bar every time they login to XP on the domain. The progress bar completes and disappears but returns whenever the users log off and back on. The configuration bar does not appear when launching SmartFTP and the users are not having issues inside the software. I have attempted reinstalls of SmartFTP but the issue persists. I am not seeing any listings under XP's 'msconfig' to disable auto-upate/configuration during start up. The user's 'My Documents' are hosted on a network share and I am wondering if this is causing the issue with profile configuration. Any ideas?

Hello ..

What kind of progress bar are you referring to? Do you have a screenshot?

And please post the system information from the menu: Help->About "System Information". Thanks.

This may sound like a stupid question, but how do I attach an image that is stored locally on my workstation/email? The only options I am seeing are related to web based images.