Restore from 4.0 backup issue

I just downloaded and installed the 4.0.1054 build (fully licensed as well). If I Create a backup from this build using the backup in the Tools->Settings->Backup it creates a file:
SmartFTP Client 4.0

If I then try to restore from the file using the Backup utility (with SmartFTP closed), I browse to the file and select it, but the "Next" button is disabled and won't do the restore. If I do the same thing from a previous backup file: SmartFTP Client 3.0
...the restore works as expected.

I did notice when I started the Backup utility it says "SmartFTP Client 3.0 backup utility"...was the wrong version shipped?

I have fixed the bug. The new version will be included in the next build.

Thank you for reporting and I apologize for your inconvenience. As a workaround you can create the backup with the backup tool instead of using SmartFTP client.