Can't buy, can't email

I tried to buy SmartFTP several times via PayPal and with credit card - all my transactions was declined. I wrote an email to sales dept after that - got "You message can't be delivered, because it's a spam". This is the first time I wasn't able to buy something with my CC and this is the first time my email was considered as spam and bounced.

Well, that's definitely a Day of Wonder for me, but don't think you'll get much sales with such strong (read "stupid") security measures. You should protect yourself from fraud and spam, not from people who want to buy your products and get support.

Dear Monkeyman ..

First of all I apologize for the inconvenience you had with Plimus. Your email should not get rejected though. Can you please try to resend it again to all of our email addresses?

Thank you

Actually, I wrote you about transaction problems and asked for help. That's it.
So help is still welcome.

Yes but I assume you do not want to disclose your personal information in a public forum.

OK, sent you a bunch of emails, hope they'll reach you.

P.S.: That's weird you have PM disabled on forums.

Received your email and answered it.

PM is disabled for spam reasons. Bots have been sending thousands of PMs to our users.

That's because you have forum permissions set incorrectly. I own IPB-based forum with over 500 visitors per day and around 3000 registered users - no spam at all, not a single message.
This is because I've set all permissions correctly and there's no way for spam-bots to send mass PMs or spam members one by one. Most interesting part - I do NOT use ReCaptcha at all, but still no spam. So if you want, I can help you set up your forum.