Newbie, connection issues

Good morning.

I am very new to using the FTP although I do get the concept. I know how to transfer/upload my files and manage the content I need to. The IT person at our company set me up with a favorite to login to our site and it always worked like a charm. Something happened with my computer and my profile needed to be cleared which meant that my SmartFTP favorite was also cleared. My IT guy has since gone on leave and left me with basic instructions on how to login but I am not having any luck. I have confirmed that the login information is accurate.

I am logging in with:
Port 22
Username and Password (with the information entered of course)

When I attempt to login I don't even receive a connection

[09:43:51] SmartFTP v3.0.1036.0
[09:43:51] Resolving host name "host"
[09:43:51] Connecting to host Port: 22

any thoughts? I have been trying to login for weeks now

Please post the complete log without censoring anything.