Maintenance Expiration


I've been using SmartFTP for some years now and have purchased a key that expired 15/07/2009.
I would like to continue using this software, but currently cannot afford to upgrade.

I have not updated Smart FTP, yet when I open it, it simply says: "Your smartFTP maintenance has expired", with the usual message.
However, despite no changes at all today, it now simply doesn't open SmartFTP, only opening the account page in my browser.

I have looked for an answer on line.

And as a point: "Paying for new maintenance" is a no-no for a while, so dont suggest it. I just want the old version working, given that I specifically didnt update it.
Many thanks.

Well, about a year ago, SMART changed. It simply stopped being freeware.
Today I chose to renew as I have got used to it quite like it and can't be bothered to change.

There are still some other free ftp programs one can choose to use.

join the club.. same thing happened to me. I BOUGHT this program (2.0), it forced an update (2.5 then again 3.0), now i can no longer use it. I uninstalled all of it, reinstalled 2.5 and it will not accept the license file or function at all. My Email to support remains un-answered.

I own a perpetual licensed copy of this software 2.xx (same user, same PC) I expect it to function without "extortion" to purchase anything else.

Updates are not forced. You choose to upgrade. But you can always downgrade to a version of SmartFTP you are entitled to.