Comp1 (Fast DL, Slow UL) to FTP (Fast UL , Fast DL) to Comp2 (Fast DL,Slow UL)

“Okay so I want to transfer files to a computer at a remote location. But, it takes forever as my upload speed is slow. And vice versa, receiving files is also slow because Computer 2 has a slow upload. I do have a fast SFTP server with both fast UL and DL. Can I use this to transfer files quickly between computer1 & 2 without a lot of hassles Since Comp1 to SFTP to Comp 2 is uploading to a server with extremely fast download capabilities? And then uploading will be faster.

That should work.

How do I set it up. So I don't have to transfer to FTP and then to comp 2 on a remote server.
Instead I want to transfter directly to computer two, but using the speed of the Ftp.

and what info do I need from the computer I'm sending the files to?

You cannot do this with SmartFTP automatically. You would have to manually do it. To be honest you probably want to figure out why you have such slow transfer speeds when transferring files the direct way.


Is there a way to transfer from computer 1 to 2 using smart ftp?

What info do I need from both computers?