Upload restarts from beginning after completion

This problem occurs only occasionally and is highly frustrating:

After my upload completes and the time left is shown as 0 in the transfer queue, the information lingers in the queue for a few seconds and then the upload starts completley over from the beginning, deleting the already completed upload from the server.

I think this is the correct log info:

[01:47:54] MLST AuralApocalypse071509.mp3
[01:47:55] 250-Listing /AuralApocalypse071509.mp3
[01:47:55] type=file;size=0;modify=20090714084824; /AuralApocalypse071509.mp3
[01:47:55] 250 End
[01:47:55] STAT AuralApocalypse071509.mp3
[01:47:55] 500 Syntax error, command unrecognized.
[01:48:26] NOOP
[01:48:26] 200 OK


Post the log from the transfer. To get it double click the file in the transfer queue.

SAME HERE !!!!! Only does it on large files !

i do not wish to post my log in the open im a paying member ill use the support system