Daily Schedule to move file with different name.


I would like to know if it's possible to create a scheduled job that will move a file which has a different name every day.

E.g. Request.YYYYMMDD - (changes daily) from local to FTP server.

Thanks for any help.

Thanks Mat - that worked like a charm. I will now purchase a license key.


Hello ..

This article should help: https://www.smartftp.com/support/kb/how ... f2608.html

In your case just use the format specifiers in the source path.


Mat - Is there anyway that I can create a scheduled job to collect a file with an unknown file name and file extension? Wildcard maybe?

More info - the request.YYYYMMDD file I send to the FTP will generate a Reply.YYYYMMDD

Take a look at the following article and combine it with the last article:
https://www.smartftp.com/support/kb/how- ... f2574.html

And at last you could write a very small script (less than 30 lines) using the FTP Library that does it as well.


I need to do the opposite. I want to schedule a daily transfer where the source files are timestamped daily. Since the filename changes every day, I am not sure how to set that up in the scheduler. The files are also in the root folder of the FTP and I haven't figure out how to move all the files from the root folder and just use exclusions. Any ideas?

I recommend the FTP Library for this purpose: https://www.smartftp.com/ftplib

Does the client version not have wildcard support or can it not do this? The FTP library is a little out of reach for me right now price wise.

That would work fine if I could figure out how to add all the files in the root directory without adding them by name, since there is not a folder name to reference. Any way to just queue everything in the ftp root folder to sync and then I could use the exclusion rules?

I think I got it, I added a subfolder and then went into the properties and deleted subfolder path. Seems to work that way. Thanks!

Would the scheduling of a MMDDYY_File.mp3 type file include being able to upload of this kind of a file from a local computer (same folder every day) up to a web host (the same folder every day)? Does the scheduler have scripting/regex/wildcard capabilities or would I have to write a script for it?

I looked at the tutorial for how to schedule a transfer. Would that work the same way for a scheduled upload each day?


You can schedule an upload of a folder. Then use the filters in the favorite properties (include/exclude) to include certain files only. The filters support wildchar and regexp but they do not support variables for the current date.

The destination path you can set in the transfer queue item properties supports date/time variables.

Otherwise you can always do it with a 20 line script using the FTP Library https://www.smartftp.com/ftplib respectively the SmartFTP SDK.


Okay. Thanks!