Download help


I downloaded the trial of SmartFTP to download files from a site that tells me it's required, but I'm totally stumped as to how. I figured the first logical stop would be to try the tutorials, but my computer's having a bit of a fit and won't run any of them. All I need is to know a quick and effective way to just download files with SmartFTP. I actually have the files already, but I can't extract them which according to the site is because I need FTP. I'm completely illiterate when it comes to this program, so please go nooby friendly with me, thanks.

Hello ..

First you need to connect to the server:
1. Menu: File->New Remote Browser
2. Enter the Username, Password and Host information that is provided by your web hosting provider
3. Click OK to connect

To transfer files:
1. Once you see the directory listing in the Remote Browser (server side) select the files you want to download
2. Drag&Drop the files from the Remote Browser to your desktop or to any folder of your choice
2a. You can also open a Local Browser to see all the files on your computer. Go to the menu: File->New Local Browser
3. After the drag&drop operation the files are being downloaded
4. You can watch the transfer/download progress in the transfer queue window at the bottom of SmartFTP

I hope this helps.