server to server ftp

Hi all,
I just upgraded to trial version SmartFTP 3.0.1027.10 as I wanted to copy a website from server to server. I am able to connect to both servers correctly, drag and drop folders and/or files, and files are in the queue, file and folders names are copied but all files have file size of 0 bytes. Ive tried restarting SmartFTP, clearing transfer queues and starting again, but I get the same problem. Any ideas?

Thanks heaps,


Your servers are most likely not supporting FXP.


ah, thanks Mat, both are hosted with the same company, I'll ask them


There's no way to do a server to server ftp without using fxp?

I hope it is possible to avoid copying first all the files on my pc manually and then transfer them to the other server.


If you can run SmartFTP on one of the servers then you wouldn't need FXP.