Login to cPanel

I have followed the steps in setting up the FTP.mydomain.net tutorial supplied on this site.
After I click the green arrow, it just sits there with the activation wheel turning and will not connect. I was told to try two different port and have done so.... but still it sits there and thinks, no action of any kind. I am connected to comcast!!! if that makes a difference..

Also, I am very new to this program and expect to do a lot of reading for help, but this program does me no good unless I can connect to the server!!!


Anxiously awaiting an answer, cause I am stuck!!!!

You the need the following informatoin from your web hosting provider:
1. Username
2. Password
3. Host
Then go to the menu: File->New Remote Browser in SmartFTP and enter the information there. Click OK to connect.


I did that it is still just sitting there thinking.......wheels go round and round......like nursery rhyme...lol

This is what I'm entering: HOST: ftp.calvarynaz.org
Username: Calvaryn
Password: *******

In the window it reads... ftp.calvarynaz.org-calvaryn

Post the log from the remote browser.

Thank You Both.....got it!!!!!!!!!! I'm in yeah haw!

You two are a world of help, thank you so much