SmartFTP Client questions


I'm interested in SmartFTP as I'm in search for a new client which supports scripting. As SmartFTP has the best layout and much functionality I gave it a try. Sadly I've come to the conclusion that it's not so easy to handle or it's just a little bit to complicated for me
So here are some of my questions which hopefully get me right on track and give the proper functionality as I need it to be...

I have some FTP servers which only support 1 login at a time. Now when I want to transfer files the queue keeps retrying because it always wants to establish a new connection. How can I setup SmartFTP so that the current connection in the window is used for transfer?
On the other side I have servers which allow more connections. So I create a large transfer queue and it's working. But while this transfer is in process I need to download another file. This file is then added at the end of the queue! This is not the functionality I need. I have found that the workers can be increased for a server but that will only increase the transfer of the front queue and not get me that file in question.
Basically this is a design choice because there is only one transfer queue in SmartFTP. Can that somehow be changed through settings or is there another better solution?

Then I tried a transfer to another server and SmartFTP didn't show any information. Just "Server <-> Server". I know that this can't be calculated and there is no info supplied from the server but at least it could be based on the data from a transfer before?!

As a final question I'd like to know if I can try the scripting with the trial version?
This way I can better decide if this will work as expected.

Thanks for your suggestions. Hope they help as SmartFTP looks promising...

>1 connection limit
If you are forced to use servers which have a one connection limit you have to close the remote browser before your start the transfer queue.

>add to end of queue
This is by design and makes sense in our opinion. But you can always move the file to the top if you want to.

Yes. Scripting is supported. Please take a look at the SDK and the FTP Library