getting smartftp to run as a scheduled task even when logged off

Have a windows 2003 box with smartftp What's the best way to have smartftp monitor a folder and send files every minute (or even faster if possible).

Currently, I have smartftp monitoring a folder on the windows 2003 box and sending to another box. The queue is set to send once. And on queue complete it will close application. I have turned off the splash screen at startup and turned on open single instance of the application to see if that'll help. I'm using an administrator account in the scheduled task and allowed the task scheduler service to interact with the desktop. It is scheduled to run every minute.

I can get it to run as a scheduled task while logged on, but not when logged off. When logged off, the smartftp doesn't run and scheduled task gets the following error message.

What error message do you get?

Sorry about the delay. Scheduled Task error 0x40010004, status is still running. And because of this the scheduled task never continues again even when I log on.

One more note it's on a vm on vmware, but hopefully doesn't matter.

If it's possible, what's the easiest/best way to schedule smartftp to monitor a folder and always send regardless of the logon/logoff status of the desktop.

Hopefully it's not a bad password, since it works while logged in right? Just in case I reentered the password for the task and tested again with the same results.

Not sure if it'll help. Does that mean I need to be logged on for it to run? I'm trying to get smartftp to run in the background whether I'm logged in or not.

No. You don't need to be logged in. The error 0x40010004 means: incorrect password or username or permission denied.

I'm assuming it's the right permissions/password for the moment. Because I'm using the same administrator account for the task as when I'm testing while logged on. So I'm assuming it can get to anything it needs.

Putting that aside. Are folks able to use smartftp while logged off or do they need to be logged in as someone for it to run properly?

Yes. You don't have to be logged in. This applies to all Scheduled Tasks. They run in the background if you wish so.