Disabling Transfer Queue

I understand there's been lots of back and forth with the forced transfer queue issue, as apparently it can't be disabled in favor of a direct download. Let me explain my situation to explain why this is dumb for my purposes. (And since I'm a web developer and considered purchasing SmartFTP, thanks to good impressions with older versions, I assume I'm a part of the product's target audience.)

In a common working session, I need to open connections to a couple of sites and drop in a few fixed files each. Now, this would be fine with the transfer queue UNLESS I already had a few gigs of media files queued up for transfer. With the transfer queue congested, for each damned little file I want to get uploaded somewhere, I need to go to the very bottom of the queue, right click, select "Move to top", and if the queue was turned off to free bandwidth from media transfers, also turn it on just for the one file, and then off again.

This is obviously a very ass-backwards way of transferring a single file.

Please don't tell me to install an earlier version with unpatched bugs, buying a full-price license for it. That's just not the way it works. And it shouldn't be too hard to allow user to skip transfer queue on demand.

This has been discussed over and over and there are no plans to disable or remove the transfer queue. It's part of every modern FTP client and overall it's the better solution than the previous "direct" transfer method.

There are solutions/workarounds for your problem. One of them is: https://www.smartftp.com/support/kb/how- ... f2600.html

If you need further help please let us know.


Thanks Mat,

I agree it's overall a better method to transfer files.

Looked at the solutions. I am attempting to transfer to two different locations as it stands, not to the same FTP server. The file just goes to the bottom of the list, and adding workers to 2 or more doesn't make a difference -- they just start working on the next item in the list, regardless of the connections being to two different servers.

(I am using the latest version.)

Hello ..

You need to limit the number of workers in the favorite properties. Let's say you have 2 favorites called A and B. And you want to limit the number of workers that are used to process files from A then you set the number of workers in the favorite properties of A to 1. Then you increase the number of total workers in the transfer queue to 2.
Now when you have 100 files from A and 100 files from B the transfer queue will only use 1 worker maximum to process the files from A. And it will use the remaining workers (1) to process items from B regardless what the position of the files in the transfer queue is.


Oh I see. Thank you, that just about seems to do it!