Forgot Gamepanel password

Hi guys

I made a backup from all my ftp's that i can load when i reinstall smartftp or something.I forgot my gamepanel pass but its the same as the ftp pass so how can i get my ftp pass from the smartftp backup?

Thanks in advance

Install SmartFTP
Restore the Backup


Yes but it doesnt show me the pass but just *******

Go to the menu: Tools->Settings. Then enable the [x] Show Password option. Or you can just use the Copy URL feature once you are connected to the server.

Thanks i will try that

By the way i got another problem

5 days ago smartftp said it hasnt any memory so i deleted smartftp and wanted too reinstall it but i cant install it.It says

Internal Error 2894. 126

Do you know why?

Im running windows vista 64 bit

Isn't this error coming from MSI? Can you post a screenshot?


MSI? you mean the company?

Here is a pic:



MSI=Microsoft Installer

This is what I found regarding error 2894

It seems the richedit32.dll is missing from the Windows\System32 folder.

Thanks for helping me out

I downloaded the richedit32.dll and put in in system32 but i still have the problem.I will restart my pc later and we will see if it worked

It didnt work